Just Show Up

That's all you need to do! Our Arrive and Drive program covers the costs of transportation, kart, engine, tires, fuel, a pit space, and lunch. We offer the Briggs Racing 206, IAME Micro Swift, IAME Mini Swift, Yamaha KT100, IAME 100, IAME X30, Stock Honda 125, IAME 175, and KZ Modena/TM. So, no matter what class you're aiming to race, we will find the right chassis/engine for your specific class requirements. All you need to is bring your A-GAME and your driving equipment! Let's have some fun.

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NOTE: This price does not include entrance fees, pit passes, kart damage, crash damage, and engine availability. The above price is the starting price for the Briggs 206 program. Pricing varies for other engine packages. Yamaha/KA100 packages start at $1,995.00, X30 packages start at $2,995.00, and if you are interested in shifter packages, please call us for more information.


Karting has become the beginning steps to other forms of motorsport. Our Hospitality Arrive & Drive Tent program aims at drivers who are looking to move up the motorsport ladder, and it also aims at the small Mom & Pop teams who need a little assistance to get going. No matter what situation you are in, we are here to get you in a kart, racing, having fun, and competing at the highest level. We offer a variety of DR Racing Karts and Engine packages to meet all needs. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to Contact Us to see if we can put together a program for your specific needs.