May 18, 2017
May 18, 2017
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M99 (KZ)


The M99 (KZ) chassis is our solution to the any horsepower engine category. This chassis is the 2017 SKUSA SuperNats winner, and the chassis you want to be on for junior and senior categories. Note: Because the KZ comes with front brakes, it is recommended that you run this in a Shifter class because front brakes are not allowed in other classes in the US.

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DescriptionThe new M99 (KZ) chassis is the total package DR Racing Kart chassis. This is the 2017 SKUSA SuperNats winning chassis from Las Vegas! The frame is made of chrome molybdenum steel with 30mm long lateral bars and 32mm cross bars. This chassis is built for everything and can withstand every setting you throw at it. Chassis stiffness can be altered by the various torsion bars, height can be adjusted on both the front and rear of the chassis, and both camber and caster can be infinitely adjusted thanks to the Sniper SA1 linear camber/caster system. The chassis comes equipped with the popular V05 brakes system (includes front brakes), but can be upgraded to the even more powerful Duraclan Ceramic brakes system. Additionally, with our 7 different axle stiffness’s we can adjust the chassis flex point with ease.

Frame Material

Chrome Molybdenum Steel

Tubing Diameter


Wheel Base


Brake System

V05 Cast Iron (with Front Brakes)

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